Midwife in Los Angeles Davi Kaur Khalsa

Midwife Davi Kaur Khalsa has served
greater Los Angeles for more than 20
years. From being an RN in neonatal
ICU and labor and delivery, to being
one of Los Angeles most popular labor
coaches and childbirth educators, to
becoming one of Los Angeles more
prominant homebirth Nurse Midwife.

As a midwife Davi offers los angeles
women a unique opportunity for a safe
and empowering home birth experience.

Davi is certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives, and works closely with several prominant OBGYN doctors in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and across the greater Los Angeles area.

Davi works closely with her client to educate, encourage, and empower them to make choices that enhance their pregnancy.  What Davi's clients have to say...

Schedule an appointment to see Davi: 310.278.6333

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