Los Angeles Midwife Davi Kaur Khalsa, CNM

Clearly over 90% of all pregnant women are candidates for home birth.

With a CNM in attendance, a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy can safely and securely give birth at home, profoundly enhancing her birth experience.

While the Certified Nurse Midwife performs many tasks during labor to insure the safety of mother and baby, it is the mother herself who is empowered to take the lead in her own birth experience.

If a woman has an uncomplicated prenatal history, chances are she'll have an uncomplicated labor and birth; but as nature is not always predictable, the Certified Nurse Midwife watches, listens and intervenes if anything abnormal occurs.

Childbirth at home encourages the natural birth process; by having a familiar, comfortable environment and loving, supportive people present, childbirth becomes a profound and rewarding experience.

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