Los Angeles Midwife Davi Kaur Khalsa, CNM

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization and the Surgeon General recommend human breast milk as the best food choice for the human infant during the first year of life.

Breast milk is a species-specific food, precisely engineered by nature to meet the infant's nutritional needs. Not only does the infant receive nutrition at the breast they also learn love, patience, compassion and tolerance in the lap of the mother.

TLC offers complete support, counseling, and care for breastfeeding, and soon to be breastfeeding moms. Let us help you prepare for and sustain your ability to naturally nurish your child with this, natures best food.

Caring for yourself after giving birth is just as important and sometimes more important than prenatal preparation. TLC provides a full program of postpatum care that will help you comfortably and easily transition into motherhood.  For more info call: 310.278.6333

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